January 28

Benefits of Light Up Toys for Children


Darkness can impact a child’s mood just like adults. Especially during the winter, light up toys are beneficial for kids. Many light-up toys have spinning, brightly colored lights, and changing patterns. Children feel the tension dissipate as they watch the lights. Continue reading to learn about the benefits of light up toys for children:

Why are light up toys beneficial?

Improving Mood

Children get moody! When a bad mood strikes, light up todays can help lift their spirits. The child becomes lighter and more joyful.

Behavioral Distraction

Every child melts down occasionally – some more than others! Light up toys can distract them from their melt down. They restore calm and assist in self-regulation.

Fine Motor Skills

Light up toys can help children develop their fine motor skills. Not only are children grasping the toy but they also are pushing the button to turn the toy on.

Visual Skills

Most of us will never see the same patterns and colors of light up toys, unless we are watching a fireworks show! Light up toys improve a child’s visual sensory cues.

Light up toys can provide sensory development and behavioral modification that is unique from other toys. The team at Toys N More can help identify light up toys for your child. Visit our toy store today in Reno, Nevada.


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