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Reno’s Largest Locally owned Toy Store

Wish Boxes

Visit our retail store and your child can fill a plastic bin with toys they'd like. Parents and friends can choose toys from the bin for purchase, ensuring your child gets the exact presents they want.

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Free Gift Wrapping

We offer free gift wrapping services with the purchase of any toy. We customize wrapping papers and gift bags to make your child's day that much more special.

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COVID-19 and Home Learning

Are your kids in online classes? We carry learning-based toys such as puzzles, games, and building blocks. Learning-based toys are especially helpful when in-school classes aren't an option.

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Bulk Candy

We have a bulk candy section with more than 35 barrels of candy! Tootsie Rolls, Lemonheads, you name it, it's there!

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Why Us?

Toys N More is dedicated to supplying quality toys at an affordable price. Our friendly staff will answer any questions you may have, and can provide toy suggestions if you need them.

We offer:

  • Wish Boxes
  • Educational Toys
  • Birthday Parties
  • Toy Play Area
  • Free Gift Wrapping
  • Bulk Candy

Retail Toy Store

Our retail location in Reno, Nevada includes a 5400 sq. ft. toy store and a toy play area for kids to test drive toys. Visit us today!

Wish Boxes

Wish boxes let your child place toys they want for their birthday or holiday in a bin. Parents and friends choose toys from the box for purchase. Kids get to pick the toys they want, without knowing which ones they're receiving.

Educational Toys

Learning-based toys are a great way to improve your child's skills, while making education fun. Educational toys can teach compromise and conflict resolution, foster creativity and imagination, bolster self-esteem and develop motor skills.

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(775) 384-1044
Firecreek Crossing:
4809 Kietzke Lane,
Suite C, Reno NV 89502

We are open every day. You can expect to hear back from us within one day.

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