November 25

Fill Your Wish Box With Mixed Christmas Toys!

We know that with every child comes a new personality, and that it can be hard to try and guess what toys they really want for Christmas. This is especially true if you only see your nieces, nephews, cousins, and other younger children in your family during the holidays.

Christmas Wish Boxes are for folks just like you who aren’t quite sure what kinds of toys they will actually enjoy all year long.

Our Wide Selection of Fun Christmas Toys at Toys n More!

The very best way to get exactly what a child wants is to let them choose for themselves! And, when that little boy or girl is walking through our store, they will have lots of choices. For example, we have many educational toys for that kid who constantly likes to exercise their brain muscles…even during their Christmas break from school!

If the child is a toddler, you definitely want them to get the safest Christmas toys, without buying anything too boring that they’ll just toss aside a few weeks after the holiday. Our interactive and learning toys are great for keeping their attention all year round.

For smaller babies who aren’t yet big enough to know what they want, we have a wide selection of baby toys, teddy bears, and other fun stuffed animals that they’ll keep for many years to come.

Visits Us Today, and Start Picking Out Your Wish Box Christmas Toys!

Needless to say that Christmas is the busiest time of year for us, so the best thing to do is bring your children by so they can pick out toys for their Christmas Wish Box now, a few weeks before the holiday. That being said, feel free to swing by Toys n More today at Firecreek Crossing, 4809 Kietzke Lane, Suite C, right here in Reno.


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