January 31

Our Wide Selection of Sensory Toys Are Great for Children With or Without Autism


According to Autism Speaks, a sensory toy is one that stimulates the senses. These kinds of toys can, of course, be played with by any child who finds them fun. But, kids who have been diagnosed with autism benefit from these types of toys much more, because they need to have their senses engaged much more than a child who does not have the condition.

What Are Sensory Toys?

There has been lots of research on sensory toys by toy makers, one of them being Zen Laboratory, a company that started making slime (a wonderful sensory toy) back in 2018 and is now the top toy slime producer in the world according to their website. For instance, their experts point out how not only slime, but “fidget toys” like cubes and spinners are wonderful examples of helpful toys for children with autism.

Some Great Sensory Toy Choices

Sensory toys help kids with autism to slow down, focus and relax, and there are many different kinds of them. The Carmen B. Pingtree Autism Center of Learning made a list of some of the best ones, and it included many that we carry here at our store location, such as putty and slime, reflective balls, and fidget spinners. 

Contact Us Today for Helpful Sensory Toys

From pin art to sensory mats, we have a wide selection of fun and engaging sensory toys for you to choose from, whether you are buying for a child that actually has autism or not. 

When you get here, you can sit and relax in the parent’s rest area, and let your child or children try out any toy or toys they want before you buy! Feel free to contact us at (775) 384-1044, or swing by our Reno toy store today!


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