October 13

What in the World is a Toy “Wish Box”?


Do you have a kid in your life who makes it a point to announce that their birthday is coming up, way beforehand? And, not just a few weeks before, no. This kid remembers everything you got them last year (and probably the year before), and now wants you to know exactly what they want this year!

If this kid is in your family, and you know just what we’re talking about when we mentioned the “friendly reminders” in the last paragraph that he or she gives you throughout the seasons of the year [that their birthday or Christmas is nowhere near], then a toy wish box may be just what you need to eliminate the consistent birthday/holiday notifications they give you on a regular basis!

Steps to Create a Wish Box of Toys 

Let us explain how a toy wish box works. The first step is to let the little guy or girl go crazy. That’s right…let them go all around our store, and pick any toy they want for their birthday. We have educational ones, stuffed animals, baby dolls…don’t worry. Our toy store has a selection that will keep them occupied for a while!

Now, we know what you’re thinking, and it goes something like this: Ok, I just let my child run around the store choosing anything they like…am I going mad?? How am I gonna pay for all this??!

Well, the good news is, you don’t have to pay for all those toys yourself, not unless you want to. No, the idea is to get all of his or her wants out of the way, so that we at the toy store can put the box aside, and let everyone you know who desires to buy the child a gift pluck one from the box (while the little one is not present, of course). 

Stop By to Make Your Toy Wish Box Today! 

Now, with toy wish boxes, you don’t have to worry about whether or not you have bought them the toys that they really want for their birthday or holiday! Contact us or stop by Toys n More on Reno, and get your wish box started today!


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