February 10

What Are Learning-Based Toys?


If you are a parent shopping for toys, you have probably heard the term learning-based toys before. Apparently, they are beneficial to your cognitive development. But what are learning toys? The team at Toys N More are here to help you identify what a learning-based toy is so you can choose one out the next time you go toy shopping.

Identifying Learning-Based Toys

Play is one of the primary methods children learn. They are able to use their creativity to utilize intellectual and motor development. Some toys are more beneficial that others. Musical instruments, building blocks, easy jigsaw puzzles, crafty toys, blocks, and dress-up toys are some of the best learning-based toys.

Among the most popular brands are Legos. Children are able to create entire structures from simple building blocks. This promotes imagination and problem-solving skills.

A keyboard is one of the best musical instruments to introduce to a child. Your child can learn the foundation of music. Many children’s keyboards are built with bright colors and images.

A very common dress up toy are Barbies. Your child can change the outfits and create stories by interacting with each other.

Speak with the experts at Toys N More to find a learning-based toy that fits your child’s age range. We are a toy store in Reno, Nevada that is happy to help.


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