May 14

The Benefits of Art for Your Child


Creating art is beneficial for all ages. Art promotes creativity, discovery, and joy. However, it can be fundamental to the development of a child as well. Learn why in our blog article.


Art is an integral part of the way children learn signs, symbols and representation. Children and visual representation, drawing forms ‘the basis for all thinking… what adults call children’s art has a central role to play in cognitive development.’ Art is a visual language – a universal one, and a key to unlock the door of communication.

Comprehensive Learning:

Children learn about gravity, physics, perspective, maths, anatomy, and myriad other concepts all through drawing. I explore art’s symbiotic relationships in my article on what children’s art can teach us. But while art can enrich learning in other areas, it can also be used for so much more.


Art is a self-motivated mode of personal expression and glee. A simple line can lead to freedom and happiness. Give your child a paintbrush and see them smile as they express themselves on paper!

Mature Thinking Skills:

Have you ever come across Bloom’s taxonomy? It’s a hierarchy of cognitive skills, displayed in the form of a pyramid, with ‘creating’ at the top. Looking at the illustration below, can you see how drawing and painting might sit at the higher end? They involve ‘rapid and complex decision-making’ all while figuring out how to show information about what is – or isn’t – in one’s world and our relationship with it.

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