August 30

How Do I Properly Wrap a Toy Gift?


No matter whether they are boxed toy gifts or the ones that are unboxed and weirdly shaped, the first thing you want to make sure that you have is sturdy wrapping paper. Here at Toys n More, we have many various styles and colors of it, as well as lovely gift bags. 

Here are the quick and easy steps to wrap a gift…well, some people think it’s easy!

Wrapping a Boxed or Strange-Shaped Toy Gift

The first thing you do is find a clear, flat area to wrap the gift toy, such as a large table or a countertop. Unroll your paper onto the flat surface, and set the box in the center of it.

Next, reach over and pull the paper over the top of the box until it completely covers the top as well as the opposite side of the box. Not only should it have covered the entire top of the box, but it should also touch the paper that’s on the flat table surface on the opposite side of the box. 

Next, tuck a little bit of the wrapping paper (maybe a centimeter or so) underneath the opposite side of the box. This will keep the paper in place while you use your scissors to wrap the toy gift. 

Now, take the scissors and cut the paper that’s flat on the table about three inches from the side of the box where you have the centimeter of wrapping paper tucked underneath. After you cut the paper, make sure the box is flipped with the bottom of the toy gift up.

Finish Wrapping Your Toy Gift

Now, fold the short end of the wrapping paper about two inches onto the top of the gift and use clear tape to seal it in place. Then, take the long side of the paper and fold it over the top of the box while using your fingers to crease the paper to the box edges.

Finally, all you do is make triangle corners and apply the clear tape in the crevices where it’ll be barely seen, and you’re done! 

Easy, right? If not, no worries! We’ve got you covered here at Toys N More with free gift wrapping services at our toy store in Reno, Nevada. See you at the store!


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