February 22

Sensory Toys Can Help Relieve Excessively Crying Babies Who Have Colic

In one of our previous Toys n More blog articles, we talked about how sensory toys can greatly help kids with Autism. But, these toys are also ones that can relieve symptoms that affect the nervous system of younger children, notably infants, for conditions such as Colic. 

Sensory Toys for Colic Relief in Your Infant

If you notice for some reason that your newborn baby is crying a lot more than normal (usually the same time of day several times a week for several weeks), then your infant boy or girl could have what’s called colic. This is a condition that the American Pregnancy Association says could be connected to (or possibly lead to) other, much more serious health issues, such as intestinal obstruction (APA, 2023).

What you probably did not know is that there are actually many, many soothing sensory toys that help with colic. Relieving colic, according to medical professionals at Colic Calm (a resource that gives parents advice to help them understand and treat colic in newborns) requires paying much attention to what they refer to as a baby’s “immature “ nervous system.

One of the ways some sensory toys help is with their temperature, which calms an infant’s nerves and reduces crying. Other kinds of these toys have other soothing features, such as safe infant toys that vibrate and give a relaxing sensation to the baby as they play with and/or lay next to it regularly.

Visit Toys n More Today for Wonderfully-Helpful Sensory Toys for Infants With Colic

We here at Toys n More, being parents ourselves, are all too familiar with conditions that infants go through like colic that negatively affect a baby’s nervous system. That being said, give us a call today, or, better yet, swing by our location to check out some of the many sensory toys that we have available. 


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